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Rolli Shades

Nov 09, 2022

How to Install Roller Shades

How to Install Roller Shades

Why Install Roller Shades?

Roller shades can be an expensive installation process done by window blinds companies. Companies often sell "free installation" as a service, which is really baked into the price of your roller shades. Roller shades can be an easy DIY project, but you'll need to have the right tools, some walls know-how, and potentially be OK climbing a ladder. If you are considering installing roller shades in your home, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Tools and Materials Needed

You will need a few supplies before you get started installing your roller shades. Firstly, you will need a power drill. Secondly, you will the right screws for your wall. The screws need to be either for drywall, concrete, or sheet metal. Often, you'll also need anchors for drywall. If you don't know what behind your walls, we recommend purchasing all sets of screws. You won't know until you start drilling!

Measuring and Marking the Shade

Next, measure and mark the area where you will install the shade. Be sure to take accurate measurements, as this will impact the fit of the shade. Once you have your measurements, mark the area with a pencil or pen. This is especially important if you are installing "outside mount" shades, because you don't have the window frame as the point of reference for where the brackets need to go.

Installing the Roller Shade

Installing roller shades is a simple process that can be completed in a few short steps. First, remove the old shade from its mounting bracket if required. Next, connect your shade to your remote or app prior to hanging it up. Each motor is different, but the Rolli connect button is next to the charger. (Reference the Rolli install guide for additional details) Then, drill in your bracket to your marked areas using the correct screws for your wall. Finally, hang your new shade on your brackets. 

Roller Shade Install Tips

  1. The most important and tricky part is using the correct screw for your wall. Before you attempt to put a drywall screw through sheetmetal, know that it likely isn't going to happen and you are wasting your time and energy otherwise!
  2. Use a drillbit extender to easily drill in the screw without your drillbit hitting the bracket. 
  3. You can get your screws started without holding the bracket up to the wall. Once the pilot holes are in, then hold your bracket up and finish the job.
  4. Hire a TaskRabbit or Handy handyman if this is too much! They are relaviely cheap to a "window blinds installation expert"

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