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Rolli Shades

How to measure for blinds

Measuring Video

Rolli Fits


Don’t worry, mismeasured shades are replaced for free!*

Four Steps for Success

Secure a steel measuring tape and download your measuring app

Your steel measuring tape is the most accurate assistant and should be used to measure the width.

A measuring app (iOS or Android are free) is easier to use than the measuring tape and will let you measure the height without a ladder.

Decide where your brackets will go

Plan ahead. Decide if you want to install your shade within your window frame (inside mount) or above your window into the wall or ceiling (outside mount). Rolli comes with brackets compatible for both.

Measure the width between your brackets with your measuring tape

Measure either your window frame (inside mount) or the width of the wall or ceiling (outside mount) where your shade will go. Round down to the nearest 1/8".

Measure the height of your window with your app or measuring tape

The app makes it easy to measure without needing a ladder or messing with your measuring tape.

Submit the tallest measurement, no worries if you overestimate and have a bit too much fabric.


We guarantee Rolli Shades will fit your window for two shades/order for free. We'll either ship you a new custom fabric, entirely new shade, or take yours back and cut it to the right size.

Where your shade will go! You'll need to measure either inside your window frame or above your window on the wall where you want the shade to hang.

We don't ship out shades that are over wider than 100" or taller than 120" through our product pages. Please contact us at for larger shades.

Here's a link to our favorite, but any measuring tape will do.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact Rolli at