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Rolli Shades

Installation & Setup Guide

Shade installation simplified

Your Rolli Shade comes with everything you need to assemble and install, except these tools: 

Bracket & Shade Installation 

  1. Pencil mark 1" in from the front top corner of your window frame closest to you.
  2. Hold your bracket up to the mark and mark the screw location. Repeat this process on the other side for the second bracket.
  3. Ensure the brackets are straight with a level.
  4. Screw the brackets securely into place.
  5. Mount the Rolli shade – round pin end first – then push in the spring-loaded end and release it over the center of the bracket so it snaps into place.

Rolli Hub Setup:

  1. Plug your Rolli Hub into an outlet.
  2. Download the Automate App to your Android or iOS device. The App will guide you step by step through the rest of the process.
  3. Pro Tip: Connect to your Wi-Fi network that is 2.4 GHz if there is an option.
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