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Rolli Shades




The Rolli Remote gives you the ability to control up to 15 shades. It is the iPhone of remotes. Pair any shade instantly to any channel. Also has the ability to move all shades up and down at once when you are on channel 0.

Just click the button on the side of your Rolli shade and hit the pairing button on the remote located next to the battery on the back of the remote.

Control Options

Rolli App

Hub for full smart home integration

Orders Ship Free
Arrives Within 2 Weeks
Rolli Fits Guarantee

Control Up to 15 Shades

Control All Shades at once
Move each shade individually
preset favorite positions
Easy to pair
2 Year Warranty
Use alongside your app

Complete Control

The Rolli remote is the answer to your problems. Set favorite shade positions, control all your shades at once and never worry about getting up during a movie or Zoom call.

Go (and save) green

Automated window shades can help you save up to 17% on your home's energy usage (and bills). That's cool for you and the planet. And yes, we're LEED certified.

Award winning & certified

Greenguard Certified

Our fabrics reduce air pollutants . Make sure your shades are certified to avoid potential risks.

Award Winning

Rolli tech awarded at the Consortium Energy Efficiency's (CCE) integrated home competition.

Our customers are obsessed!

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The Rolli remote is incredible. Perfect compliment to my smart home!

Rachel K.
New York, NY

Remote FAQ

Click the pairing button next to the charging cable on your shade. Shade will move. Hold your stop button on your remote while being on your pre-selected channel. Shade will pair.

All shades respond to your remote when you are on Channel 0.

We recommend 1 remote per room.

Unfortunately no, you will need to purchase a hub and download the Pulse 2 app to control your shades through smart home functions.

Don’t sweat your measurements. We guarantee Rolli will fit your window for two shades/order for free! We’ll either ship you new custom fabric, new shade or take yours back and cut it to the right size.