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Rolli Shades

Jul 08, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Controlled Roller Shades for Millennials

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Controlled Roller Shades for Millennials

Welcome to the future of window treatments, where convenience, style, and technology converge. Remote controlled roller shades are the ultimate home upgrade for anyone looking to make life a bit easier and a lot cooler. Whether you're working from home, binge-watching your favorite series, or just want to control your environment with a tap on your phone, these shades are a game-changer. Let's dive into why you need remote controlled roller shades, how to pick the right ones, and how to install and maintain them like a pro.

Why Remote Controlled Roller Shades Are a Must-Have

1. Next-Level Convenience: Imagine adjusting your shades without getting up from your couch. With remote controlled roller shades, you can do just that. Use a remote, your smartphone, or even voice commands if you’ve got a smart home setup. Perfect for those lazy Sundays or when you're buried under a pile of blankets.

2. Energy Efficiency for the Win: Program your shades to open and close at specific times to make the most of natural light and keep your energy bills in check. Say goodbye to cranking up the AC or heater all the time.

3. Boost Your Home’s Security: Heading out for the weekend? Set your shades to move at different times to make it look like someone’s home. It’s an easy way to keep your place safer without lifting a finger.

4. Ultimate Comfort: Control the amount of sunlight streaming into your space, reducing glare on your screens and keeping your home at just the right temperature. Perfect for your home office or your Netflix nook.

5. Style Points: Available in a ton of colors, these shades can match any vibe you’re going for. Whether your style is minimalist chic or boho cool, there’s a set of shades that’ll fit right in.


Types of Remote Controlled Roller Shades

1. Battery-Powered Shades: These are super easy to install since they don’t need to be plugged in. Ideal if you’re renting or just don’t want to deal with wires.

2. Plug-In Shades: These need to be connected to a power outlet but offer a more permanent solution. Great if your planning ahead during a reno or a new home build.

3. Solar-Powered Shades: Go green with shades that use solar panels to power up. They’re perfect if you’ve got lots of sunlight pouring in.

4. Smart Shades: These shades integrate with your home automation system, letting you control them through an app or voice commands. If you’re already using smart tech, these will fit right in.


Key Features to Look For

1. Quiet Motors: Look for shades with quiet motors so they don’t disrupt your zen (shhhhh, our Automate motors by Rollease Acmeda are some of the quietest on the market).

2. Customization Options: You’ll want shades that match your home’s aesthetic. Check for a variety of colors and options.

3. Light Control: Whether you need blackout for movie nights or just want to filter the light, there are options for every need.

4. Smart Home Integration: If you’re already using Alexa, Google Home, or any other smart home tech, make sure your shades can sync up (check out our smart home hub here).

5. Safety First: Cordless designs are a must if you’ve got pets or kids running around.

6. Energy Efficiency: Opt for shades with insulating properties to keep your place cozy and your bills low.


How to Install Remote Controlled Roller Shades

1. Measure Twice, Order Once: Measure your windows accurately to ensure a perfect fit. Decide if you want an inside mount (inside the window frame) or an outside mount (on the wall above the window). If you’re unsure or need us to send someone out to measure for you book a Design Consultation here)

2. Pick Your Power Source: Decide between battery-powered, plug-in, or solar-powered based on what works best for your space. We only sell battery-powered on our online store but talk to one of our team who can walk you through the electrical plans for wired motors for your reno or new home build.

3. Follow the Instructions: If you want to save some coin and self install then check out our easy how to measure and install guides.

4. Test Them Out: Once installed, test the shades to make sure everything’s working smoothly. Check the remote or smart home integration to ensure they respond as they should.

5. Call a Pro if Needed: If you’re not comfortable installing them yourself, we can help you to hire a professional. It’s worth it to get the job done right.


Keeping Your Shades in Top Shape

1. Regular Dusting: Keep your shades looking fresh by dusting them regularly with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner brush attachment.

2. Battery Check: For battery-powered shades, check and recharge the shade as needed (it’s just like charging your phone, except you only need to do it every 12 – 18 months) to keep them running smoothly.

3. Inspect for Damage: Regularly check your shades for wear and tear. Fix any issues early to avoid bigger problems down the line. It might be simple as a little squashed bug wrapped up in your shades that can cause larger issues over time if you don’t attend to them early.

4. Stay Updated: If your shades are part of a smart home system, keep your software and apps updated to ensure everything works perfectly.


Final Thoughts

Remote controlled roller shades are the ultimate blend of convenience, style, and tech. They’re perfect for anyone looking to modernize their living space while keeping things functional and chic. From saving on energy bills to boosting your home’s security, these shades offer numerous benefits that make them worth the investment. Whether you’re setting up your first apartment or upgrading your forever home, remote controlled roller shades are a smart choice that will elevate your lifestyle. So go ahead, embrace the future of window treatments and enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and control.