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Rolli Shades

Jul 05, 2024

Mountain Elegance: Installing Rolli Shades in a Taos Retreat

Mountain Elegance: Installing Rolli Shades in a Taos Retreat
High in the serene mountains of Taos, New Mexico, elegance meets functionality in a stunning mountain house. A recent project by one of our customers showcases the seamless integration of Rolli Sleep and Rolli Privacy Shades, utilizing sleek open roll brackets to enhance both the aesthetic and practicality of their home.
Embracing the Mountain Aesthetic
The beauty of Taos is reflected in every corner of this elegant mountain retreat. The large windows provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape but also present a challenge in managing sunlight and maintaining privacy. Our customer chose Rolli Shades to address these needs, opting for both the Sleep and Privacy varieties to ensure comfort and versatility throughout the day.
Innovative Installation Techniques
In the living area, the Rolli Privacy Shades are installed using sleek open roll brackets. These brackets not only add a modern touch to the room but also ensure that the shades fit seamlessly within the window frames. This precise fit enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a clean and unobtrusive look that complements the natural beauty outside.
The bedroom features Rolli Sleep Shades, providing a perfect environment for restful nights. The shades are mounted using the same open roll brackets, allowing for a minimalist appearance while effectively blocking out light. The use of these brackets ensures that the shades remain securely in place, even in the fluctuating temperatures typical of mountain climates.
Practical Solutions for Everyday Use
One of the most impressive aspects of this installation is the thoughtful placement of the shades on a door, ensuring they slide smoothly between the door handle, maintaining operability. This clever solution demonstrates the versatility of Rolli Shades in adapting to various architectural elements. The back roll shade design ensures that the shade rolls between the door and the handle, preventing any interference with the handle and allowing for easy access.
Enhancing the Mountain Experience
The choice of Rolli Shades in this mountain house is a testament to the blend of style and practicality that these shades offer. The elegant open roll brackets and the careful consideration of installation techniques highlight the attention to detail that went into this project. Our customer’s home now enjoys the perfect balance of light control, privacy, and aesthetic appeal, enhancing their living experience in this beautiful mountain setting.
The crisp white shades, reminiscent of the mountain snow, bring a sense of tranquility and refinement to the space. The seamless integration and modern design of Rolli Shades make them an ideal choice for any home seeking to merge natural beauty with functional elegance.
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