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Rolli Shades

Oct 29, 2022

How to Measure for Roller Shades

How to Measure for Roller Shades

Measuring for roller shades: What you need to know

First, decide where you are going to mount your window blind. If you mount it inside your window frame, this is called an inside mount. 

Advantage of inside mount is less light and a slightly cleaner look.

Mounting your brackets next to the frame on the wall, above your window into the wall or from the ceiling means outside mount.

Advantage of an outside mount is you can pretty much do this for any window without exact measurements or the need for a window frame.

The Rolli measuring guide is a great reference for the Rolli roller shade! 

How to measure your window for roller shades

Step 1: Measure window blind width

If you are measuring between the window frame for an inside mount be sure to measure near the top of the window where the brackets will go.

When you are measuring for an outside mount, we recommend pencil-marking where your brackets will be and then measure that distance. Later when you install you can drill into those pencil marks!

Be sure to use a steel measuring tape for this measurement because it needs to be as accurate as possible. Round down to the nearest 1/8".

Step 2: Measure window blind height

After measuring the width of your window blind it is time to measure the height of the window. This can be done with your steel measuring tape, but it is easier to use a measuring app (free for iPhone and Android). If you use the app, we recommend adding 3” to your height to avoid not having enough height.

"Many companies offer free measuring to get into your home and start the sales pitch. However, measuring for blinds is very simple.”



  1. Consider any obstructions. Make sure to measure around any obstructions, such as handles or cranks, that may interfere with the operation of the shades.

  2. Write down your measurements and double-check them. Accurate measurements are crucial for a proper fit for your roller shades.

By following these steps, you can easily measure your windows for roller shades and ensure that you have the perfect fit for your home.


Best measuring tape to measure for roller shades

To measure a window for blinds is not a daunting task. Many companies offer free measuring to get into your home and start the sales pitch. However, to measure for blinds is very simple. It can be done with a tape measure that is available for less than $10 and our recommended option is the Kutir 12’ tape.